There are plenty of fun things to do at Golden Palace Online Casino, but in the heart of this virtual world lies its best feature. This online casino is tops in the business - bar none. Clients can expect outstanding customer support 24 HR/ Day - important to keep clients well serviced. This 24-hour service creates a trusting bond with clients. It meets their needs and responds to their requests. The gaming software is ahead of its time - far beyond its nearest competitor. The graphics and sounds realistically create the casino gaming experience.

The machines that handle the credit card transactions employ sophisticated encryption algorithms making them invulnerable to cracking. An on-line transaction is less of a risk than revealing your credit card number to a gas station attendant, a waiter at your favorite restaurant, or over the telephone. It is safe to say that your wired funds are just as secure as if it were transferred in a Brinks truck. Golden Palace Online Casino has gone out of its way to ensure the security of its players. Algorithms are routinely audited and found to be at par with the odds in Las Vegas. PricewaterhouseCoopers performs monthly audits of the casino. This is what is important to clients. The knowledge that their wagers and gaming pleasure are being handled fairly.

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